Apply for a Design Fundamentals scholarship

Learning design has many benefits. From being able to work remotely, start your own business, launch a product, or get a raise or promotion. Knowing the fundamentals of good design has so many practical, real-world uses.

Unfortunately, sometimes the people that could benefit the most from this skill are those who need an extra leg up when it comes to enrolment costs.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer up free places in Design Fundamentals to those who need it.

There is no catch. And no lengthy application form. We’re trusting that people will only apply if they really need to.

A few important notes:

  1. Filling in the application doesn’t guarantee you a place. We only have a set amount of places that we will give out each time enrolment is open. At this time, we will be choosing people randomly.
  2. During the current pandemic, enrolment will stay open indefinitely and we will be offering two new scholarship places for every new enrolment that we get at this time.
  3. You will have the opportunity to write a thank you note to your sponsor. This is a great way to show thanks to the person who made your scholarship possible, so do consider writing one if you get accepted.
  4. And remember, if you can afford to enrol, please do that and leave a space open for someone who really needs it. We won’t be vetting the applications at this stage because we don’t want to force people to divulge their personal circumstances, but that may change if we feel people are taking advantage.

Apply now for your chance to get a free place in Design Fundamentals:

Or, if you want to enrol and sponsor TWO free scholarship places to those who need it, head on over to this page.

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